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October 25, 2020 Bulletin


CALL TO WORSHIP     Lindsay Anderson, Lector
You shall love the Lord your God
with all your heart,
and with all your soul,
and with all your mind.
And you shall love your neighbor as yourself.
Drawn by love, we come,
to offer our whole selves in Christ’s service.
Let us worship the Lord!

HYMN OF PRAISE “Come Sing, O Church, in Joy!” – GTG #305

CALL TO CONFESSION     Rev. Seth Thomas

O God,
we know this, your Greatest Commandment:
love the Lord with heart, soul, and mind;
love your neighbor as yourself.
These words dwell in our hearts
and rest on our lips.
And, yet, we are so slow to act upon them.
When we encounter neighbors in need
we are quick to pass judgment,
even though love demands empathy.
We see your children suffering,
but are too busy, too weary to respond,
even though love demands compassion.
We see unjust systems that strip others of dignity
but believe we are powerless to effect change,
even though love demands action.
And whenever we do not treat our neighbors
as we ourselves would hope to be treated,
we do not love you fully.
Forgive us, Lord.
Transform our hearts,
restore our souls,
and renew our minds,
so that we might be faithful
to your commandments. Amen.


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