“The Lord loves a cheerful giver.”

Gifts can be made to St. James Presbyterian Church, 910 14th Street, Bellingham, WA 98225. You can also give online here.

2017 Stewardship Campaign Drive

Thank you to everyone for your pledges of gifts, time and talents for the coming year. We exceed our aims and gratefully acknowledge each member and friend of the congregation for their participation.

2017 Stewardship Letter

Dear St. James Presbyterian Church Family Supporters.

As St. James prepares for 2018, we are very fortunate to have Seth Thomas as our new pastor since April. His interests and energy level is very positive for St. James. We look
forward to incorporating several projects this next year.

As we look ahead to 2018, there are many exciting ways we see God at work in our community and ask you to faithfully consider supporting financially with your pledges.

Our Christian Faith Formation Committee will be launching “Godly Play”, a new children’s church program, this Fall. “Godly Play” tells the biblical story tells the biblical story in a hands-on way, using props, figurines, and liturgical worship elements to bring the texts to life. We will need to purchase some of these story aides, while others can be made by the crafty hands of our members. The Children’s Staff will be equipped to lead this new program and we anticipate the possible need to hire additional staff as the program grows.

We working on plans to upgrade our upstairs bathrooms to meet accessibility standards, which has been needed for some time. This will offer easier use for all of our congregation, young and old. As well, we are considering replacement of the carpeting in the sanctuary, which has seen many years of loving use, having been installed when the sanctuary was built in the 1950’s!

The Mission and Social Action endeavors of our congregation continue to be active as we look forward to the year ahead. Interfaith Coalition seeks our support for a a new project called Family Promise of Whatcom County. This project involves providing meals on a quarterly basis for families that need a little boost (not homeless). To participate in this will require us to volunteer to prepare meals. This is another way for us to support the local community.

As we continue in our faithful practice of meeting together, the Worship and Music Committee is engaging in creative planning about how to strengthen and develop our worshipping life together. We are looking to make incremental changes to upgrade and improve our sound system. As well, we continue to seek a new church accompanist..

These are just some examples which we, as members and others who are also supporters, can help in the growth of St. James.

Interest from our Endowment Funds have enabled us to complete several tasks in recent years that had been on hold. During the transition year of 2017, we saw a significant drop in annual pledging (down $20,000). We anticipate a rebound in pledges for 2018. Our goal for annual pledges is $200,000. We are also grateful to those who have continue to give above and beyond their pledges, as this allows us to keep up with building upkeep expense and continue to faithfully steward our resources in the best ways we can.

As you consider how you will support the work God is doing at Saint James, please reflect all the good that is going on in our community. Saint James Presbyterian surely appreciates your contributions financially and with your time and talents. Please pick up your packet on October 1st and respond quickly.

The Finance Committee