Deacons of Saint James Presbyterian Church

The Deacons of Saint James are an elected board of 12 - 15 congregation members. The congregation of Saint James is divided into five parishes and each parish is assigned two deacons. Deacons are an integral and essential part of reaching out to and providing care-giving to the congregation of Saint James.

Deacons are often called upon to visit church members who are undergoing hardship or who are unable to come to church due to physical or medical situations. We provide the cookie and coffee service which takes place after our church worship services, help with funerary services, and support many other events which take place at the church. We keep in touch with members of the congregation through phone calls, cards and visits.

This year we will sponsor an All Parish Luncheon to get better acquainted with each other. We also sponsor an All Church Picnic in July.

Contact Information

If you would like to learn more about the role of the Deacons of Saint James Presbyterian Church, you may contact the church office at (360) 733-1325 or Moderator Sue Smith.

Current Deacons by terms:

  2017                                              2018                                          2019                               
Wilma French                            Louise Hardin                           Karen Rogers 
Ann Lary                                     Jim Hardin                                Dwayne Rogers
Marion Dobbie                          Jennie Sue LeSchander          Alice Beaty                                                                                 Valerie McBeth                          Valerie McBeth
                                                      Margaret McVie
                                                      Sue Smith, Chair

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Presbyterian Disaster Assistance (PDA) is working with its partners around the world to meet immediate disaster needs such as food, water and other supplies. 

“As long-term...

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